The power of charity in Ramadan

Oleh : Imam Shamsi Ali

It is popularly known to this ummah that our beloved prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a very generous person. Certainly that personality is a part of him being a mercy (rahmah) to all mankind.

But he is particularly even more generous during the month of Ramadan. Throughout his life he constantly gave or provided Food or Iftar, as an instance, to those who are in need during the month of Ramadan. He himself declared that “whoever feeds a fasting person will get reward as the doer himself”.

Generally speaking charity is such a paramount important thing to do in Islam. It is called ‘Burhan’ or proof. In other words by giving charity a person is proving his faith in ‘the Sustainer of the heaven and the earth’ (Ar-Razzaq).

Charity itself in Islam is known popularly as ‘Sodaqah’ and ‘nafaqah’. These two words closely define how charity is truly representing the faith of a person.

Sodaqah is derived from the word “sodaqa-yasduqu-sidqun wa sodaqatun” which means “being truthful”.

Nafaqah, which means spending, is derived from the same original word of “nafaqun” which means “a tunnel”. This word is the same root of the word “nifaaqun” which means “hypocrisy”.

And so both words, sodaqah and nafaqah, represent a close connection to ones faith. This also means that by giving sodaqah or nafaqah a person is truly proving his faith in Allah.

Abu Bakar (RA) was given a tittle “As-Siddiiq” because he proved his faith on Rasulullah (SAW). Not only that he boldly confirmed his faith in the Prophet upon his return from “Isra and Mi’raj”, but also because he was not hesitant in spending every single penny of his possession in the path of Allah.

Thus in this context, charity has a paramount important place in Islam. It is one of the greatest representations of a person’s strong faith.

More so in the month of Ramadan. And of course it’s even more important in the last ten days of Ramadan. During this month of Ramadan, Allah multiplies the ‘hasanaat’ (rewards or blessings) of our good deeds.

And therefore it is logical why the Prophet of Islam was even more generous during the month of Ramadan. What a great role model indeed to follow.

Therefore, in this blessed month of Ramadan and particularly in the last ten days of Ramadan I encourage all Muslims to do more good deeds in general and charity in particular.

Remember, there is a night in the month of Ramadan, which possibly occurs on one of the last ten nights called “Laelatul Qadar”. This night is better than a thousand months.

Imagine giving or doing good deed during that night. The deed will be rewarded as if doing it in more than 83 years. If you just give $10 on that night, imagine how much rewards you will receive from Allah, The Kind.

The only thing is that no one knows in which night it is exactly. And so the only way to get that is by trying to give every night, even just a small amount of money.

Once again, charity indeed is a way to gain piety and goodness. Allah says: “you will never attain piety until you spend out of what you hold dear, and whatever you may spend on anything, Allah indeed knows it”. (Quran: Ch. 3:93).

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